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Could a student health service or school safety lawsuit cost your school system half a million dollars?

Obviously, and several million more. The unfortunate fact is that healthcare delivered in a school environment is subject to many federal and state regulations that are sometimes unknown or even conflicted.

Furthermore, and maybe worse, your schools’ health policies or the treatment delivered may conflict with accepted evidence-based medical practices.

So, how do you get up to speed on that? We can help. Our exciting new manual was developed specifically for school administrators, superintendents, school boards and board attorneys, and school nurse leaders.

Our unique manual, Legal Resource for School Health Services, is an evidence-based and time-saving reference that addresses over 50 legal issues impacting the delivery of health services in the K-12 school environment and provides guidance for regulatory compliance—as well as defining the issue and responsibilities of school health providers and administrators.

The perfect resource for an understandable summary of the regulatory, medical, administrative and legal problems arising from a challenge to the delivery, non-delivery or questionable delivery of healthcare services or implementation of school safety policies or procedures. 

On the flash drive of Legal Resource for School Health Services, you’ll find research on such vital school health legal issues as:

• Section 504/IDEA
• Minors Rights
• Legal proceedings and refusals
• Noncompliant, non-responsive on health issues
• Federal laws
• Medication administration and delegation
• Professional licensure
• Malpractice and lawsuits
• Mental health

and many others...

 Flash Drive Format only

Each chapter was meticulously researched, written, and peer-reviewed by education and nurse attorneys; expert school nurses and school nurse leaders; and nationally prominent school nurse administrators. Of particular use to nurses and attorneys is the in-depth coverage of national standards and law -- state statutes -- nurse practice acts -- local school policy -- civil and criminal liability -- legal references -- case law -- and other valuable resources and references---all useful in building their case.

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