The Latest Clinical, Evidence-Based Developments And Research provides school health nurses across the U.S. with the latest clinical, evidence-based developments and research to help maintain safe, quality practice competency in the K-12 environment. If you’re a school-based health professional looking for comprehensive and thorough resources to advise you in the care for your students’ bodies and minds, you’ve come to the right place. 


The School Nurse Resource Manual was created as a quick reference for school nurses covering the many issues they encounter in their practice, and to assist them, their administrators, and consulting physicians to develop consistent, evidence-based policies and procedures for safe student care.

Twenty-three new guidelines have been added and others from the previous edition removed. All 115 clinical guidelines are presented in a consistent summary format and referenced to authoritative sources: professional, researched, and peer-reviewed publications.

• Minimize risk and liability with written guidelines that standardize assessment and care.
• Used as a quick reference, as a study resource for certification, and as a basis for developing consistent evidenced-based program policies.
• An excellent resource for new school nurses and a staple for every school health office.
• The 2020 School Nurse manual has been completely updated, expanded, and revised to reflect clinical guidelines for safe student care. • Written and edited by school nurse leaders, school nurse academics, and experts in the field.
• New chapters including Acute Flaccid Myelitis, Kidney Disease, Refugees, Human Trafficking, Vaping, Medical Devices, and many more • All 115 clinical guidelines are presented in a consistent summary format and referenced to professional, authoritative sources. 

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Each of the 107 Guidelines includes:

• Definition/Etiology
• Signs and Symptoms
• Management/Treatment
•  Follow-Up
• Potential Complications

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