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SchoolNurse Digest, A weekly email subscribed to by over 13,000 practicing school nurses.  Powered by Constant Contact, they are all opt-in subscribers. It is extremely popular with very high open and clicks thru rates. Reinforce your brand, introduce products, perform customer surveys, and link to your site with a banner ad and/or a sponsored text link. Reach 13,000 engaged online nurse readers for a few cents each issue.

Reach this special group of healthcare providers that wield tremendous influence in their world. Leverage your brand: The average school nurse provides health services for 500 to 2500 students in grades K-12. 


In many areas, school nurses are the first and most frequent healthcare provider for students under their care.


Very high open rates of 30%-32% and click thru rates of 39%-45%


Nurses ranked #1 most Honest and ethical profession for the 16th consecutive year (Gallup 2017).


All opt-in subscribers. Powered by Constant Contact.


The average school nurse provides health services to 500 to 1500 students in grades K-12.

Ad Rates Are MONTHLY

Published weekly. Positions are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Leaderboard Banner $3200 / $800/wk – 600 x 90

Box Banner $2800 / $700/wk – 300 x 250, 336 x 280

Per Subscriber $0.057 / $0.050 / $0.064

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Early results in 48 hours. Tabulated by Constant Contact.

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